Creating My Personal ePortfolio of Learning

As I prepare for the EdTech Teacher iPad Summit in Boston next week I’ve found an incredible opportunity to practice what I will be teaching. I’ve started a ThingLink ePortfolio to document my own learning throughout the conference. I plan to capture the learning through images, photos and tags to prepare to use and share it.

This sounds like a lot of fun and I suspect my own session will include some very practical tips and tricks learned along the way since I will be attending 9 sessions and participating in the Creation Station all before my session on Wednesday.

Power the ePortfolio Process with ThingLink EDU

Explore this iteractive image and watch it grow! 

4 thoughts on “Creating My Personal ePortfolio of Learning

  1. What an awesome idea, I look forward to following your learning at the conference, especially since I am not there learning too!! Question, how are you putting that together as a kinda slide show and still work in it?

  2. Hi Cyndi. I created a few different interactive images that will be a fun way for me to capture the learning, then I added them to a ThingLink Channel. You can see the slideshow growing now and it will continue to grow until I return from the conference I suspect. I will add tags with content and resources. Hopefully I will be able to capture a lot for you, since you can't attend. Thanks!

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