Great Ways to Embrace Virtual Learning and Increase Student Engagement

Are you an educator looking for practical tips and tricks for keeping students connected and actively engaged in learning while our schools are closed? You’re invited to attend a couple of FREE webinars designed to help educators uncover the power of the virtual classroom to increase student engagement and maximize instructional time.

The webinars are being hosted by Infinitec and they are available for FREE to ALL Illinois educators, as well as Infinitec members in MN, KS, and PA.

Powerful Google Powered Projects for the Virtual Classroom

March 20, live @ 11:30-12:30 CDT

At this time, schools have closed the doors to their brick and mortar learning facilities as a preventative measure to limit the spread of disease. While schools take the time to do a thorough cleaning of their physical space, teachers are turning to technology to keep the learning going. Join me and Infinitec as we share some powerful Google-powered  projects designed to be facilitated online via the virtual classroom. Learn tips and tricks for keeping students engaged, organized and connected throughout the online learning experience.

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Facilitate a Writing Workshop in the Virtual Classroom

March 25, @ 3:30-4:30 CDT

Facilitate a Writing Workshop

Learn how to utilize the many features available in Google Docs to facilitate a virtual writing workshop and maximize writing instruction. Join us as we extend the walls of the classroom and demonstrate how to engage students in the writing process through peer editing, progress monitoring, and classroom management strategies, all outside of the boundaries of the physical classroom.  Join us for an in-depth look at launching a virtual writing workshop that will provide students with opportunities to become active participants in their own learning. 

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Not an Illinois Educator? Looking for more ideas to embrace the Virtual Classroom? Please reach out through the form below.


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