Digital Differentiation


Digital Differentiation is the process of designing and facilitating student-driven learning experiences that are fueled by standards-based essential questions and powered by digital tools. The model is designed to help educators design learning experiences that provide students with flexible learning paths for success.

A Bit of Background

Originally created in 2011, the Digital Differentiation model has become a frequently updated collection of resources to help educators leverage the power of technology as a tool for ALL learners.

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The original model was filled with FREE tools and resources to help educators make instructional shifts and embrace the power of technology. Many of those tools are no longer available, and very few remain free. Since none of the original tools generated personalized student data, the original model introduced educators to the idea of using a Google Form to collect data and personalize learning. While collecting this type of data is still an effective practice, we’ve come a long way in efforts to collect and use data for student learning and growth!

The shift from FREE to paid tools has produced better products designed to meet the needs of districts, with noticeable attention to data collection and use. With an abundance of paid platforms on the market today, school districts have learned to become savvy consumers. Education companies have recognized the need to develop positive relationships with school districts, and many are dedicated to working collaboratively to meet common goals.

What remains the same, then and now, is the opportunity for educators to weave a web of digital tools to transform teaching and learning. The most recent Digital Differentiation model offers many flexible options.

Digital Differentiation

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