SAMR – Flexible Toolkit Slideshow

I enjoyed presenting the Infinitec webinar today and truly appreciate all the attendees! Here is a link to the interactive slideshow with resources.

The final webinar in this series will be held on December 3rd at 4:00 PM CST. SAMR Through the Lens of the Common Core. The webinar is free and registration is open to all.


My EduBlogs Nomination & Thank Yous

I am very honored to be nominated for EdTech Blog of 2012

My blog is an essential part of my workflow and it is my most important tool.  I would like to thank some amazing people who have kept me blogging.

Janet Barnstable
Thank you for encouraging me to blog and getting me started with my favorite and most useful tool. You always point me in the right direction and I am so thankful for you, your guidance and our friendship.

Dr. Kevin Anderson
Thank you for leading the way and encouraging me to create and teach others.

Sarah Chilton Rose
Thank you for publishing the first comment on my blog. This has kept my focus on publishing a simple blog for busy teachers and I  do try to keep it short and sweet. 

Sarah Chilton said…
“So glad you did this. I think it is fun that there is a blog out there where you don’t have to sift threw all the important information to get to the FUN STUFF!”
April 6, 2009 4:24 PM 

D97 Digital Leaders
Thank you for getting me excited about blogging, creating your own blogs, and giving me a reason to blog in the early days. I had the time of my life teaching and learning with you.

Naomi Harm 
Thank you for finding my blog and sharing the collaborative wiki projects in the sidebar on Twitter. Your tweet sent me so many visitors that I started tweeting myself, which opened the door to a whole new way of collaborating, connecting and learning. 
Thank you for letting me be a regular guest blogger so I can write a little more sometimes.

My Readers
Thank you for reading my blog, sharing it, trying some of the ideas and making personal connections with me. I really love that part.

How to Vote:
Here are the official directions from EduBlogs

To vote for your favorites just click on the link and choose the category you want to vote in, who you want to vote for and then click ‘Vote’.

You can vote in as many categories as you want per day!

  • Please note only one vote per category per day will be counted per IP address.
  • This means, if your school uses one IP address, you’ll need to ask students and staff to vote from home, or only one vote will count 
  • The system will accept your vote more than once, but only one will be counted!
  • Voting is open until 11:59pm EST on Sunday December 9th.

Edublogs 2012 Nominations

Nominations for 2012 Edublog Awards are open. 
The purpose of the Edublog Awards is to 
promote and demonstrate the educational values of these social media.” 

The nomination process supports the goal of the contest because it requires nominations via a blog post with a follow up link to that post submitted to Edublogs. What a great way to share, discover and credit the folks whose work inspires us and contributes to our own success!

My nominations for the 2012 Edublog Awards:

Individual Blog – The Innovative Educator

Group Blog – Mind Shift
EdTech Blog – Edudemic
Teacher Blog – Engage Their Minds
NewBlog – EduTech for Teachers
Library/Librarian Blog – The Daring Librarian
Administrator Blog – Life of an Educator
Twitter Hashtag – #edchat
Free Web Tool – ThingLink
Educational Wiki – Web Tools 4 You to Use
Social Network – Twitter

Learn more about the Edublogs awards.

Edublogs Free Tools Challenge

The Free Tools Challenge is a great online professional development opportunity for busy teachers provided by Edublogs. Designed to help participants learn to use free Web 2.0 tools, this 30 day challenge encourages us all to try one new tool each week through challenge activities created by by guest bloggers. I got the opportunity to be a guest blogger for the challenge and the activitiy  I created,  Free Tools Challenge #25: Using Jog the Web in the 24/7 Classroom, was published earlier this week.

Each of the Free Tools posts featured on the blog are complete with directions, suggestions for use in the classroom and opportunities for discussion. In my opinion the challenge is certainly worth taking.

If you are interested in learning innovative ways to use free Web 2.0 tools and also expanding your PLN at the same time, please check out the Edublogs Free Tools Challenge.  You can find links to all the previous challenges in the sidebar on the left of the blog.
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