Unpacking the Common Core: Tech Powered Projects

Earlier today I presented a webinar for Simple K12. I packed a lot of content and resources into the 30 minute presentation so I am publishing the interactive slideshow here. The slideshow has plenty of links to explore. These resources can be viewed at your own pace. 

Note: To view everything on each slide, click the bunny slippers instead of the arrow to advance the slideshow.      Click the X to view full screen.

Good news! There is still time to catch some awesome Common Core webinars today at Simple K12.


SlideRocket Sample: Cool Tools for Vocabulary

As someone who creates and shares presentations frequently, I’m excited to add SlideRocket to my tech toolkit of cloud-based presentation tools. It’s slick, collaborative and available for free with a Gmail or Google Apps for Educators account. A refreshing change from Google Presentation, SlideRocket is feature-rich and fast. Here are a few of my favorite features:

  • Vivid themes
  • A sophisticated Inspector Panel which includes opacity and pinpoint rotation of images, text and videos
  • Access to stock photography or options to upload your own images
  • Embedded video
  • Fun plugins which include a real-time Twitter feed.
If you decide to try this tool yourself, remember to be diligent about saving. I did experience some problems with this, perhaps because I’ve gotten spoiled by not having to save a Google Presentation, or perhaps because I kept getting logged off due to inactivity, but it is something to note:
I’m a newbie with this tool, but I’m sharing a quick presentation I put together to guide a recent webinar, Cool Tools for Vocabulary. 
Click the  X  to view full screen