Quick Tip: Click Action on Tags

ThingLink EDU Premium provides users with the ability to control the click action on tags. This is a very useful feature for educators who Create a Collaborative Student Project because you have the ability to help students successfully navigate through a lesson.

When you add a tag, the click action is set to Automatic by default, but you can select another option by selecting Click Action in the Image Editor.

Use Click Action on Tags

Explore this interactive image to learn about click actions, then experiment with them on your own to achieve the desired results to help your students successfully navigate through a ThingLink EDU powered learning experience. Happy tagging!
Visit the ThingLink Help Center for more Tips for Tagging.

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3 Interactive Resources from ICE 2015

I truly enjoyed my time at the Illinois Computing Educators Conference last week. It’s always great to have a chance to engage in real conversations with innovative educators, instead of exchanging ideas through tweets and emails! And of course, it’s fantastic to meet so many educators who are passionate about using technology as a tool for learning. 

I attended some really great sessions and I also facilitated some sessions, but I was truly re-enerergized by the conversations that happened along the way. These deep and extended conversations happen best when educators go outside the walls of their schools and gather together in person to share ideas. 

Of course, if you weren’t able to attend ICE15, there’s still a lot to be learned by exploring the wealth of resources that were created and published by those who presented. Here are 3 interactive resources I shared at #ICE15.

Digital Differentiation – General Conference Session

Explore the interactive slideshow from my general conference session. It is filled with tools and resources to help educators leverage the power of tech to differentiate instruction and it is totally powered by ThingLink_EDU.


ThingLink Interactive Science Image Slam 

View the archived webinar to share the winning images from the Science Creative Challenges and get inspired by the amazing educators that created them. The webinar was broadcast live from ICE on February 24th.

Transform Teaching & Learning with ThingLink & Google Drive

During this workshop, participants worked their way through the interactive resource below to learn to get started with ThingLink and create interactive activities for students, powered by Google Drive. It was quite useful to add resources to the interactive resource as we went through each of the lessons, adding tags to provide answers to questions and more information. This session was so much fun, mostly because of the amazing educators who attended. What enthusiasm!

Explore this interactive image to find lesson plans, activities and examples.


Get More ICE Resources

Get presenter resources and shared notes from sessions on the Presenter Resources page of the ICE Conference Website. Follow @ICE_Il and use the hashtag  #ICE15.

12 Terrific ThingLink EDU Features in 2014

ThingLink offers the education community tagging tools to bring images and video to life. It works across platforms and provides teachers and students with the ability to add rich media contents to any video or image.

In 2014 ThingLink worked hard to provide teachers and students with a powerful and flexible tool for teaching and learning that is useful across all content areas. Here are highlights of some of the amazing features available in the ThingLink Classroom, introduced this year.

Safe and Secure Browsing Environment

  • Hide related images/disable comments function on scene pages
  • Safe and secure classroom environment
  • Students can only see images created by other students, teachers and images curated by ThingLink
  • Maximum limits to Google Video search automatically applied
  • Ability to unlist images from public

Organize your classrooms with groups

  • Create groups for each class
  • View student work and tag image to provide immediate feedback and for use as an assessment tool
  • Promotes team collaboration
  • Students can add comments to images and videos created by classmates
  • Add unlimited number of students

*ThingLink for Video

  • Tag and share videos from YouTube or Brightcove
  • Copy & paste video URL and start tagging
  • You can tag your images and videos with these rich media contents
  • Access directly from your ThingLink profile

Flexible Student Login Options

Students can have an individual account without requiring email

Improved Apps Development

  • Students can work on iOS and Android apps
  • iOS and Android apps are not required to use ThingLink
  • Gives ability to view and edit images created on desktop from tablet or mobile
  • Work on projects at home or on class trips

*Icons Designed for your Classroom

  • Over 100 preloaded icons for your collection:
  • Education icons: numbers 1 to 10, letters A to E, math symbols, arrows & more
  • Action icons: read, listen, watch, play, explore
  • Social icons: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+
  • Transparent icon: provides interactivity without icon

*Custom Icons 

  • Upload and use your own icons
  • Custom icons differentiate learning and support unique teaching needs
  • An unlimited number of custom icons can be uploaded
  • Teachers and students can upload custom icons

Presentations Like Never Before

  • Create a Channel of Interactive Images
  • Add multiple interactive images to one Channel
  • View as slideshow to make presentations interactive
  • Unlimited interactive images can be included in a slideshow
  • Add any image on ThingLink to a slideshow
  • Can also be used to organize student work or class projects

Google Docs Integration

  • Tag images with Google Drive
  • Functions directly within image
  • Docs, Forms, and Slides

*Background Image Replacement

  • Replace an uploaded background image with another background image
  • Tags, statistics and image URL remain unchanged

*Create Rich Text Tags

Add power to your tags with bold, italic and heading styles.

*ThingLink EDU Premium

Some features are available only through our premium account. EDU Premium is available for $35.00 per year with unlimited student users. Type SUSANTLEDU into the payment box to reduce the price to $28.00 as a thank you for reading this blog!

Coming Soon! District Invitation Codes

In the beginning of 2015 any district can request their own invitation links allowing teachers and students to use their Google ID or email to sign up to ThingLink’s Freemum EDU or Premium EDU account from desktop or mobile. A district association is free of cost and makes it easier for larger districts to manage group signups, administrators, and upgrades.

    Share and Inspire Through ThingLink Interactive Image Slams

    Talented members of our rapidly growing ThingLink Education Community have discovered ways to leverage the power of ThingLink for a variety of innovative uses across all content areas and grade levels. ThingLink Interactive Image Slams are informal webinars designed to provide educators with a opportunities to share creative ways to transform teaching and learning with ThingLink.

    Discover the endless creative possibilities for enriching students’ enthusiasm for learning like never before through this unique webinar highlighting the work of our users. 

    Grab a Chance in the Spotlight

    Learn about how you can have a chance to share an inspiring image of your own. Collaborate with other participants through a back channel and sign up for a session on 9/16 or 9/18.

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