Explore Women’s Rights 360 Virtual Field Trip

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Women’s Rights 360 is an interactive virtual field trip created by the ThingLink Education team last year to help teachers and students discuss the complex topic of global gender equality and women’s rights in the classroom. We invite you to explore, modify and create a ThingLink 360 Virtual Field Trip.

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Design Your Digital Self

We are kicking off the ThingLink Summer Challenge #TLChallenge with a fun activity designed to help educators get started using ThingLink EDU. Explore the use of rich media tags to tell your professional story and introduce yourself  as you Design Your Digital Self.

About the Teacher Summer Teacher Challenge

This free, online, self-paced professional development is designed for busy educators who want to build a professional learning network and have fun learning! We have nearly 400 educators from 20+ countries signed up to participate.
To fully participate in the Teacher Challenge activities you will need to sign up to join our group. This will provide you with a 3 month free trial of EDU Premium for use during the Teacher Challenge so you can fully explore the powerful possibilities of using ThingLink for teaching and learning.

Design Your Digital Self Rationale

To engage students in learning, it’s important to help them make connections to their own world. This classroom kick off activity sets the tone for making those personal connections . The activity can also be very useful for gauging students’ problem-solving and research skills as you facilitate a similar activity in the classroom. This activity provides teachers with the great opportunity to address Internet safety and digital citizenship at the start of the year and the avatar can continue to remind students to protect their identities while online.

Steps at a Glance

  1. Create an avatar or use an existing avatar you have.
  2. Upload your avatar to ThingLink
  3. Add Rich Media Tags to your avatar to Design Your Digital Self.
  4. Add your annotated avatar to the channel, Design Your Digital Self by using the Post button found on the right side of an interactive image.
  5. Get to know other participants as you explore their work.

Get Interactive Directions

Classroom Connections and Modifications

  • Take advantage of the teachable moment and combine this activity with an Internet Safety lesson to help students distinguish between personal and private information when sharing on the web.
  • Introduce the activity at the start of the school year in place of a traditional getting to know you activity and encourage students to add tags as they learn, change and grow throughout the year.
  • Create a class channel of student digital selvess for use as an introduction to another classroom when collaborating.
  • Adapt the activity to fit into your curriculum and use it throughout the year as a place for students to showcase their growth and progress in a particular area.
  • Ask students to create a channel of their own to track their progress towards specific goals, adding tags to highlight accomplishments throughout the year.

Get Started

  1. Get Started with the ThingLink Teacher Challenge
  2. Watch Video: Create a ThingLink for EDU

Additional Help and Support

Join Us

There’s still time to join us for this flexible summer learning adventure. All you have to do is sign up. After you sign up, you will receive an email with the invite code to join our district organization group named ThingLink Teacher Challenge. This will allow you to access our shared workspace. This will also give you access to the EDU Premium trial for use during the Teacher Challenge.This will allow us to share the invite code so you can join our district organization group and access the shared workspace. This will also give you access to the EDU Premium trial offered through this challenge.

We hope you will join us for this fun filled and excited, self-paced professional learning opportunity. Questions? Please email Susan@thinglink.com.

All Teacher Challenge Activities

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3 Reasons to Take the Next ThingLink Teacher Challenge

ThingLink Teacher Challenge Launched at #ISTE2015

Week 1 

Design Your Digital Self

Meet the ThingLink Teacher Challenge Participants

Week 2 

Collect and Curate Incredible Content

Week 3 

Create a Collaborative Student Project

Unpacking Google Apps for the Teacher Challenge

Quick Tips

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Convert a ThingLink Account to EDU

Post a ThingLink to a Channel

Adjust Image Size

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Next Week’s Challenge

Curate Incredible Content Created by Collegues

Take ThingLink App Smash Challenge

Today I am pleased announce the launch of the ThingLink App Smash Challenge!  #TLAppSmash. This mini version of the ThingLink Teacher Challenge #TLChallenge is designed to inspire, build excitement, share ideas and learn. Most importantly, it is designed to fit within a busy teacher’s schedule during the month of November. 

The series of posts will be published on the ThingLink Blog.

About the ThingLink App Smash Challenge

App Smashing is a popular method of combining two or more apps together to create, publish and share content. App Smashing challenges us to discover new possibilities for teaching and learning with an iPad and presents us with greater possibilities for making the device meet our goals. ThingLink is well suited for  for powering any App Smash because of the presentation possibilities for turning any image into a rich multimedia content launcher.  Join the talented members of the ThingLink EDU community and use ThingLink to smash some apps. #TLAppSmash


In this activity you will

  1. Use ThingLink as a presentation tool to demonstrate how to combine the functionality of two or more apps to create, publish and share content. #AppSmash
  2. Share and submit your interactive image through a Google Form to be added to the ThingLink App Smash Challenge Channel.
  3. Explore the ThingLink App Smash Channel and Touch the interactive images that inspire you.
  4. Promote through social media. #TLAppSmash

Interactive images with the most Touches will be invited to share during our Interactive App Smash in early December.


In this activity you will grab an iPad and explore ways to combine the best features of two or more of your favorite apps to help students create, publish and share content. You will create an original App Smash image, or poster, then upload it to ThingLink. Use Rich-Media Tags to present your ideas.


The iPad is a popular tool in classrooms today, but many apps are limited in functionality. As teachers become more comfortable with technology use they can begin to invent new ways to use the devices for learning. App Smashing allows us to combine the best features of our favorite apps to facilitate student driven learning experiences through creativity, sharing and publishing.


This examples uses the built-in web browser and recording features  in Explain Everything to create a narrated guided tour of a ThingLink interactive image. The resulting video was published on YouTube and embedded back on the ThingLink image through a Rich Media Tag. Explore this interactive image to learn more about this ThingLink App Smash.

Create Your Own ThingLink App Smash

Steps at a Glance

Explore the channel of interactive directions below for tutorials and more.

  1. Create an original #AppSmash image poster.
  2. Upload the image to ThingLink.
  3. Tag the image with Rich Media tags, text, or links to present your ideas.
  4. Remember to add a tag with your name on your image.
  5. Remember to add a Twitter Tag and other social media icons.
  6. Submit your image to the ThingLink App Smash Challenge.
  7. Explore the ThingLink App Smash Channel and touch your favorite App Smash entries throughout the month.
  8. Stay tuned to see who will be invited to share during our Interactive App Smash webinar in early December

Explore Channel of App Smash Examples

The examples in the channel below were created by ThingLink Expert Educators. Interactive images submitted for the App Smash Challenge will be added to this channel. Get inspired and connect!


Additional Help and Support

Submit a ThingLink App Smash


Curate a Collection of Interactive Images

To demonstrate the power of a new ThingLink feature known as Add to Channel, I used this blog for a bit of crowdsourcing yesterday.  I asked readers to submit  links to images about outer space through a simple Google Form. Then I demonstrated how to use the form to instantly capture and curate the interactive images into a Space Channel! 

Image curation has never been easier with Add to Channel, and collecting the links is a breeze with a Google Form. Here are the images collect so far. Nice!

How it Works

Watch the quick video demo recording.

Share Your Amazing Outer Space Image

Crowdsourcing to Collect ThingLink Space Images

To demonstrate the power of a new ThingLink feature known as Add to Channel, I am offering readers of this blog a chance to crowdsource. After I collect some links through this simple Google Form, I can instantly capture and curate the interactive images into a Channel! Image curation has never been easier with Add to Channel, and collecting the links is a breeze with a Google Form.

Collecting ThingLink Images About Outer Space

I chose the topic of outer space because I know there are many fantastic ThingLinks out there. Once I find them I will have an amazing resource to share with all. Please submit a link to an image and check back in the morning to see the curated channel of space images.

A ThingLink PD Toolkit of Resources

This summer I spent much of my work time helping educators learn to embrace the power of ThingLink as a tool for Teaching and Learning. Along the way, I created a wealth of resources using a variety of formats to accommodate the learning needs of busy teachers. 

The resources created have been collected and curated into one interactive image. I believe they are valuable for personal learning needs, as well as for use during professional development offerings. They were created to be shared and reused.

Explore, Share and Reuse This Interactive Image

Feel free to embed this interactive image into your own digital space. You can use, remix and share the resources when working with other educators to save yourself the time and trouble of reinventing the wheel. Enjoy!


Free Webinar: Transform Teaching & Learning with ThingLink

Are you looking for a user friendly and flexible tool to help you easily create engaging multimedia rich content to redefine teaching and learning? Are you interested in using technology to meet the personal learning needs of the students in your classroom? We invite you to attend our free webinar and explore the powerful possibilities that exist with ThingLink EDU. 

ThingLink EDU is a digital tool that provides users with the ability to turn any image or video into a multimedia rich interactive learning tool. Start with an image or start with a video. Annotate it with audio, video, images and links to any content on the Internet with the click of a button. 

Please join us for a free webinar as we explore inspiring examples and easy-to-follow instructions to help you transform teaching and redefine learning with ThingLink. 

August 18th at 4:00 PM CST

EdTech You Should Know

EdTech You Should Know is a new show in the Instructional Tech Talk network of podcasts, created and facilitated by innovative educator Jeff HerbThe show features one educational technology tool per episode that is worth knowing about. The episodes are less than 10 minutes and they are designed to offer educators a taste of the great EdTech that’s out there. 

ThingLink on EdTech You Should Know

The first episode of EdTech You Should Know features Thinglink, a tool that Jeff uses himself. The interview with ThingLink Founder and CEO Ulla Engeström was recorded live at ISTE. We had a great time chatting with Jeff in the middle of the noisy exhibitor hall. 

We wish Jeff great success with the new show and look forward to future broadcasts. Click on the image below to jump to the EdTech You Should Know site and be sure to sign up to receive email alerts via email. Follow Jeff @InstTechTalk and follow his new Twitter feed featuring the new show @EdTechtoKnow 

ThingLink UnPlugged & Self-Published

Explore this interactive image by @pmmerlin on our wall

This week’s ThingLink Teacher Challenged asked participants to grab their mobile devices, get away from wifi, and explore use of the ThingLink App beyond the walls. 

The ThingLink app makes the most out of the ease of use of the camera and video capabilities available on iOS and Android, allowing users to capture life on the go and become engaged in the learning at the moment. 

View Our Wall of UnPlugged Learning Experiences

This week’s images are self-published on a Padlet Wall. Watch it grow. View wall.


Connecting with Some Amazing Educators

I am truly enjoying facilitating the ThingLink Teacher Challenge this summer because it has allowed me to connect with some amazing educators. We are all learning, creating and sharing together. 

One of the early challenges was to Design Your Digital Self as an introduction to other participants. We started by creating an avatar, then we added it to ThingLink and tagged our images with Rich 
Media tags to define ourselves through multimedia.

I used Padlet to create a wall of ThingLink Teacher Challenge participants and would like to introduce readers of this blog to these amazing educators. The activity itself can be used with students as you kick off the school year and establish best practices for Internet safety as you teach them about protecting their identities when publishing anything on the web. 

Meet the ThingLink Challenge Participants

I invite you to explore this Padlet wall of interactive images, connect with these educators on Twitter (#TLChallenge), join our Google+ community and expand your own PLN this summer!


Created with Padlet

For the best viewing experience, view the full wall on Padlet

Why Padlet?

Benefits of Padlet at a Glance

  • Padlet is a free, flexible and user friendly tool that is available online, 24/7
  • Users can create account and design Padlets for a variety of purposes for teaching and learning. 
  • Students can contribute to Padlets without an email address, just tap to add an image.
  • Padlet works well on a computer and also from the web browser on an iPad. 
  • There’s no tape or physical space limitations with these types of word walls.
  • Padlet is capable is displaying text, images and video.
  • Padlet can be embedded into a blog, wiki or website.
  • Padlet supports ThingLink interactive images!

Join Us

There’s still time to join us and take the ThingLink Teacher Challenge. This free, online professional development activity is self-paced to fit in with teachers’ busy summer lifestyles. There are no deadlines and each challenge is designed to be flexible. New participants are joining every day.