Checkout the ThingLink AppSmash Challenge Channel

We are pleased to share a channel of ThingLink interactive images created by members of the ThingLink EDU Community. These amazing educators have used ThingLink as their presentation tool for smashing apps. Here you will find inspiring examples of new ways to create, share and publish content by combining the functionality and best features of  great apps.  We are reinventing learning!

We hope this growing ThingLink AppSmash Channel  will inspire you to learn and challenge you to smash some apps yourself . Take the ThingLink Apps Smash Challenge. #TLAppSmash

Upcoming AppSmash Webinars

Tackk a ThingLink

Tuesday, November 18th @ 8PM EST Sign up

Smashing ThingLink & Edmodo

Wednesday, November 19th @ 8PM EST Sign up

ThingLink Interactive App Smash

Tuesday, December 9th @8PM EST Sign up


Why I Still Love Wikispaces

I have been creating wikis with Wikispaces for quite some time. I use wikis for student collaborative projects and I use them during professional development. I use wikis as a place to collect, organize and share content that often originates on a blog post I’ve written. 

Many of the wiki’s I created years ago have grown with me and continue to support my needs. The blank pages combined with the ability to embed just about anything into a wiki  provide me with the flexibility I need to explore new ways to use technology as a tool for learning and to keep track of it. 

Why I Still Love Wikispaces

I created The ThingLink Toolkit in the fall of 2012 as a collection of  resources to support teachers and students participating in the ThingLink Interactive Image Contest. The wiki was packed with tutorials and examples to help students create interactive images

Time has passed, ThingLink has introduced ThingLink for Education and ThingLink for Video, and I have curated a collection of new content and ideas. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to return to the old ThingLink Toolkit, clean it up a bit and begin to organize it in the wiki. I love my Wikispaces workspace!