The Digital Classroom

The Digital Classroom: Level 1

The model below is being updated from the original version launched in 2012. The original graphic was populated with 25 specific tools designed to help educators make instructional shifts, but many things have changed since its creation. Most of the original tools were free and, unfortunately, many of those original tools have been put to rest.

The 2019 version of the Digital Classroom is much more complex. The focus at this time is on categories of tools that can be used to foster the development of the 4 C’s.

While there are many higher level skills recognized as essential for success in school and beyond, an emphasis on instructional practices fostering the development of  the 4 C’s provides a solid foundation for providing students with engaging learning experiences to help them prepare for living and working in a global society.

Explore the Digital Classroom Level 1

The new model has been created with some hover text to provide a preview of the topics that will be explored here. Stay tuned to watch the layers unfold!