Great Ways to Use Interactive Maps in the Virtual Classroom

Are you looking for great ways to engage students in the virtual classroom? Good news! You can create a personalized, interactive map to help students connect and collaborate through online learning. It’s easier than you think with the combined  power of Google Forms, Sheets, and a handy Add-on called Mapping Sheets.

Tools for Interactive Map

The Flexibility of Interactive Maps

Interactive maps are powered by Google which means they are widely available to all districts using Google for Education. In addition, the tools are accessible and built to support the unique learning needs of ALL learners.  They are flexible to support curriculum aligned activities across all content areas and grade levels and they work well with participants across town or across the planet.

I’ve had a great deal of success launching learning through the use of interactive maps, and I’ve used them in a wide variety of activities. Here are a few of my favorites.

  1. Maps were used to launch a large-scale, global professional development series for teachers. The activity served as an introduction to other participants via online personas known as Digital Selves. Stay tuned to this blog for a modified activity suitable for students.
  2. Interactive maps served as a live bulletin board to help teachers and their students across the US engage in collaborative learning and Bring the Textbook to Life.
  3. Maps served as a landing page to facilitate a classroom historical project known as Struggle for Justice, Civil Rights Hotspots, highlighted below.

Explore an Interactive Map Project

Struggle for Justice – Civil Rights Hotspots

Learn to Create an Interactive Map

If you are interested in learning to create an interactive map, please take a look at a tutorial from a live webinar for teachers. If you need a little help or would like to work with me to help design a project, please connect through the form below.



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